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Krase Consulting

The Expertise You Need to Support Organizational & Professional Success

Kathryn Krase, Ph.D., J.D., M.S.W., is a renowned social worker, lawyer & educator, with a diversity of experience to share with you & your organization.

How Can I Help You &/or Your Organization? See Info On My Experience & Services Below


Making The Tough Call

Making the Tough Call (a Krase Consulting project) aims to educate and inform professional reporters of suspected child abuse and neglect so that they are prepared to intervene to protect children when necessary, while respecting and supporting family integrity wherever possible. 


Contact Kathryn to talk about  trainings that meet the
2023 NYSED requirement for
"Maintaining Appropriate Professional Boundaries"

Making The Tough Call: Buy The Books Now!


Over 20 years educating current & future mental/behavioral health, medical/health, & legal professionals about how to navigate legal and ethical obligations.

Professional experience in the field of Child Welfare as both a lawyer & social worker informs research, writing, and programming designed to inform system improvements.

A decade of academic administration experience, with an emphasis on developing effective programmatic outcomes assessment.

Dedicated to supporting academic career achievement by all who desire to better society through education of themselves and others.

Extensive service to local, regional, and national non-profit organizations, through Board service, strategic planning, and development of bylaws, policies & procedures, with a focus on

Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Passion for youth sports as a vehicle for building confidence and community. Challenges faced as a female coach in a male dominated sport led to the creation of You Can Call Me Coach.

Kathryn Krase & Krase Consulting Offer 4 Different Service Formats 

Stock Services & Existing Training Programs

Kathryn Krase offers a range of stock services and existing training at set rates, to help prepare your organization for important work.


Kathryn Krase coaches you as you develop your program/project goals, objectives, activities, and/or tools, but you are responsible for implementation.  Contract for this work by the hour, or by the project.


Kathryn Krase works directly with you to develop program/project goals, objectives, activities, and/or tools, along with helping you implement these activities. Contract for this work by the hour, or by the project.

Office Hours

You already have key components of your program/project but need Kathryn Krase to provide expedited actionable feedback. Contract for this work by the hour,  week. month, semester, or year

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